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Agriculture and Rural Accounting

Although farms need to be planned and assisted as one any other type of business, accounting for agriculture and rural field is an specialist area that requires expertise and highly qualified knowledge. We are a team of experienced consultants who have been working next to farmers for nearly 70 years. We know thoroughly this industry, we are prepared to understand and interpret its changing trends and dynamics and provide effective solutions that help you to achieve success.

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Tailored Financial Advice: Every Farm is Unique

Every single farm has particular conditions that make it unique and special. Working along these years with farm owner/operators, executives, business leaders and entrepreneurs gave us the skills to understand the singularities that each client presents and the ability to tailor our strategies to each case’s objectives, goals, needs and demands.

Planning Rural Businesses

CMK is also able to help you plan for the future. Over the recent months there has been a constant theme from our discussions that clearly identifies that there is a need for a greater focus on planning amongst farmers, both short and long term.

While many farmers do have a plan in the back of their minds, these are not written down or communicated with all parties involved. Generally, as busy people, farmers are heavily involved with the operational matters concerning running the farm. We regularly conduct planning days with our clients to help them gain a stronger understanding of their financial position. We can assist you to align your personal and business goals and to develop a strategy and action plan to achieve them.

At CMK, we relish seeing our clients achieve their goals and as a result, seeing their businesses thrive.

Free time at your place

Being a proactive firm who truly cares about your business, we want to make sure that we come out to your place so we can better understand you, your business and your needs. If you would like us to catch up with you sometime then please do not hesitate to contact us on (06) 765 6178 or call Andrew on 027 276 5102 or John on 027 209 9421.


Grow Your Numbers

Grow Your Numbers

Grow Your Numbers is what we call a Finance 101. CMK Accountants have written this to add further value to the range of services that we offer to the farming community and to give farmers financial guidance in what had become a tumultuous industry.

It is an easy to read guide written specifically for normal people like you. We’ve cut out the jargon so you can understand the advantage of looking at the numbers in your business - don’t let your hard graft go to waste, Grow Your Numbers will help you create greater financial efficiencies in your agri-business and maximise your returns.

Buy this guide now and show your neighbours that the grass really is greener on your side of the fence.