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Holiday cashflow blues

Many businesses start to worry about their bank balance around now. The holidays looming recall unpleasant memories of last year. All the regular expenses (wages, rent, suppliers etc) are still due, but the people who pay you are either away on holiday or slow payers awaiting payment themse...

Checklist: Can your business survive the holiday period?

While the Christmas/New Year period is traditionally a slow time of year for business, you still need to meet your expenses. Ensure your bases are covered before you clock off for the year. 1. Plan ahead Do a budget to figure out how much you are going to need to cover your overh...

How Income Equalisation Works

When your income fluctuates seasonally or for other reasons, it can be a challenge to manage your tax obligations as well as everything else. The income equalisation scheme, administered through Inland Revenue, allows farmers, fishers and foresters who are eligible taxpayers to eve...

Fringe Benefit Tax

What is FBT? Fringe Benefit Tax is a Tax payable by employers on the value of non-cash benefits provided to their employees in connection with employment. There are some items which for various reasons are exempt from FBT.  Exempt from FBT Not subject to FBT ...

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