Lack of planning on your farm will expose you to poor financial performance, frustration and extra expense -be a smart farmer, download our 7 step planning guide and watch your profits grow.     DOWNLOAD

Family based small and medium businesses are our passion

At CMK, family based small and medium businesses are our passion. We recognise that businesses like yours are the backbone of the country and we are committed to supporting you grow and succeed. Family businesses are able to adopt flexible, innovative approaches to business, often with great success! This is what makes for interesting work for an accountant.

Planning is the key to success

CMK is also able to help you plan for the future. We regularly conduct planning days with our clients to help them gain a stronger understanding of their financial position. We can assist you to align your personal and business goals and to develop a strategy and action plan to achieve them.

At CMK, we relish seeing our clients achieve their goals and as a result, seeing their businesses thrive.

If you’d like support and assistance in any of the following areas, please make contact with us today:

  • Improve cash flow for small and medium-sized businesses
  • Make more profit
  • Protect assets
  • Develop and grow
  • Comply
  • Introduce effective systems
  • Setup and manage trusts
  • Build sustainability and arrange succession
  • Put solid plans in place
  • Develop a taxation strategy
  • Restructure your business; or to simply
  • Know your numbers

Free time at your place

Being a proactive firm who truly cares about your business, we want to make sure that we come out to your place so we can better understand you, your business and your needs. If you would like us to catch up with you sometime then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Know Your Numbers

Know your Numbers

To succeed in your business you need to have two weapons in our armoury, one is having a plan and the other is to Know Your Numbers. You could be the best farmer, store owner, or manufacturer in town, and perhaps you are; but without the understanding of numbers needed to run your business, things can go awry.

In Know Your Numbers we’ve stripped away the financial buzzwords and unnecessary complexity to give you the advantage of understanding how you can make the numbers work for you, creating greater efficiencies, profits and security, now and into the future.

Buy this guide now and plot your path to a better financial future.