Lack of planning on your farm will expose you to poor financial performance, frustration and extra expense - be a smart farmer...     Download our 7 step planning guide and watch your profits grow.

Spring Newsletter

GET READY, GET SET - END OF YEAR TAX CHECKLIST Work through the points in the document to straighten things up for the end of the tax year. Ask us if you would like more information. RISK AND REWARD SELLING ACROSS THE DITCH - GST ON LOW VALUE GOODS Do you sell goods to Australia? New ta...

Summer Newsletter

Our Summer newsletter contains information about paying yourself from your business and enforcing employment standards, as well as much more. Summary THE ‘CURSE OF ASSUMPTION’ — YOU MUST EDUCATE TO MOTIVATE This information is designed to give you insight into the magic that can happen ...

Winter Newsletter

BUT WHAT WILL IT MEAN FOR ME? The outcome of the consultation phase on tax simplification may still change how or whether some aspects are implemented but it seems certain that the broad outline of the changes will go through. YOU NEED TO KNOW TO GROW You could be the best farmer in tow...

Autumn Rural Newsletter

The early quote is likely to get the worm Be very quick with your quotes and give the appearance of efficiency. Not everyone gets multiple quotes and even when they do, half the time they never hear again from the tradesman. Why use a cash flow forecast? A cash flow forecast helps to id...

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