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CMK understands the day-to-day challenges faced by business.

We recognise each and every client is unique and that circumstances are different.

CMK tailors general accounting, taxation and specialised business development services to suit our clients and their operating environment. 

We also develop innovative tools and processes to sit within the business to streamline operations and give clients more time to focus on core business.

So whether you are starting out, growing a business, investing, selling or establishing a succession plan, you need to protect your investment and feel secure that you are on track to achieve your goals.

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Achieving the business growth and success that you have dreamed requires passion, persistence and careful planning.

Many businesses are built around the expertise or creative ideas of the founders. Their passion and persistence provides the business with forward momentum. But it is the planning process that guides the journey towards growth and success.
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To find out how CMK can help you to enjoy the journey and keep the passion for your business alive.


Dedication and commitment to business is rewarded by profit.

CMK works with you to plan and prepare for incremental business and profit growth. A partnership approach to strategic planning ensures business goals are aligned and processes put in place to maximise profit.
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Find out how CMK can help you to structure and manage your business and personal finances to keep the cash in your hands.

Asset Protection

Changes in legislation, the business operating environment and life circumstances can leave you and your business vulnerable.

In order to protect the assets you have accumulated, and leave a legacy for future generations, CMK will work with you to appropriately structure your business.
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For proactive advice on protecting your business and personal assets, so you can get back to doing what you do best.


Business continuity and succession planning provides security and peace of mind.

Knowing structures, processes and the right people are in place to manage your business, allows you freedom and flexibility to explore other opportunities, develop new business initiatives, or plan your exit from the business.


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For advice on managing your business finances today, to secure an enjoyable tomorrow.

Cash Flow

An understanding of your financial goals and business ambitions is at the heart of the accounting services and advice provided by CMK.

Our team make it their priority to know your business from the inside out and are adept at explaining and presenting business finances in a way that will have real meaning and impact.
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What our clients say:

“I'm always impressed with the service orientation I receive from the team at CMK. They listen to what I want out of my business. The support and knowledge that I have received have been a big part in my business. Not just Accountants but Business Advisors too...cheers to the CMK team. ”

“Your effective facilitation and independant outside perspective adds real value to a planning exercise.”

“Dairy NZ Taranaki Regional leader Katrina Knowles can’t recommend Grow Your Numbers highly enough. She said the book was something all farmers should take the time to read, no matter what their financial skill level “whilst the concept is basic financial literacy, it helps us all to revisit these concepts to refresh our knowledge, “ she said. “in the present payout environment we need all the business nous we can muster to make the best decisions for our farming business.””